martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

English 5th - Homework 07/'02/12

Fill in the blanks with 'a' , 'an' or 'the'

1.______ weather is fine.Shall we go for a picnic? 
2.No,I can't find ______ reasonable house to buy. They are all very expensive.
3.This is ______ man John sold his car. 
4.I have got ______ idea about the Maths project
5. ______ world has seven continents.Their names all start with ______ 'A'.
6.Sir, ______ woman you are waiting for is in the hall.She is making ______ phone call. 
7.All her life she wanted to be ______ actress, but she is ______ tailor now. 
8.If you take ______ 7 o'clock train, you can reach there on time. 
9.I've got ______ A+ from the English quiz and I'm very happy. 
10.Don't forget to post ______ letter I gave you. 

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