miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

English 4th - Possessive Adjectives Activity

This is the activity you have to do for tomorrow:


1- He is my friend. __________ name is Brian.
2- Susan has got a new car. _________ car is very nice.
3- Lagos is a lovely city. _________ avenue is great for walking.
4- They don’t like fish. _________ favourite food is steak.
5- This is my brother. _____________ name is Nick.
6- It’s _____________ birthday today. I’m 14.
7- That is my cousin. ____________ name is Maggie.
8- Manuel has got two daughters. They are ____________ daughters.
9- Kate and Gerry have got a new house. It’s ____________ house.

10- He is my brother. _____________ name is Jason.

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